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When you want to buy/ sell/ trade something, make an offer! Select the item's category and sub-category and give a brief description on the item. It will then be available for others at or near your school to see. You can also browse for offers in your area.

3) Swap

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Once you have worked out the details of an offer with another person using our closed and secure messaging system, meet up to make it happen! (Be sure to read our safety page before meeting!)


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New posters for spreading the word! https://scholar-swap.com/siteShare.html#posters
A new logo for the site has been added to the site, thanks to the Juniata College Digital Marketing class and Kate! Also security updates, including the new restraint on the type of person you can claim to be. In order to be called a student, teacher, or faculty member, you must use an email address ending in '.edu'. The purpose of this is to make sure people are who they say they are, and the change was recommended by the users.
The Scholar Swap site has now been completed! Thanks to all those that helped and tested to make this site work. Please feel free to use the site as you wish!
Now you can message someone about an offer without the need for anyone to give away any unnecessary information. You can also choose not to be notified by email of a message being sent to you. At this point, the site is now fully functional and will move into testing. Also added reporting of offers and messages.
Now you can edit all the details about you, even change your password and add/remove schools.
Now you can create and login to an account! Please note that things are still in development and there is not any functionality as of yet.
Emails to contact us have been posted. Also added a mailing list for people wanting to know when the site will be ready.
A news system for site updates has been added.
The site's legal terms have been written up and posted for public view.
The site has been established, real page construction started.